Vertical Integration
Vertical Integration

Vertical integration ensures better synchronisation among different teams of a project and helps implementing better strategies to reduce uncertainty. This positions the company at a better place and provides better opportunities for investment growth.
Projects are constantly supervised by top management. Project Engineers report to the Project Managers which in turn report to the Managing Directors. Our Chairman, Mr. Ravi Mohan Sethi, an Ex-IAS officer himself supervises the quality of projects through regular visits and feedbacks from managers.

“Vertical integration is what drives the organization”.

Architecture :
Our innovative architecture arm plans, designs and maintains unique aesthetic considerations for all of our projects. They are the foundation of delivering Quality developments. Stellar follows Design and Build process which includes Design & Engineering services (for Architecture, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing & Sewerage, Fire Protection services, Building Management systems, and Infrastructure works), Procurement Services, Statutory approvals, Project Management & Construction. Our architectural design extensively uses natural ventilation to reduce the need of energy to cool or light up buildings hence minimize a building’s impact on ecosystems. Also we have tied up with leading design consultants for various services. Every project is handled by an expert team of in-house Engineers & Architects coordinating in synergy with external design partners. In simple words, everything from precision engineering to aesthetic design, from quality metal glazing to high-class interiors is done in house. This allows for stringent focus on quality control – which in turn gives our customers a satisfactory combination of precision and aesthetics.

Construction technology :
Economic development highlights the need for infrastructure development which involves construction. We believe that to maintain Quality and efficiency in project execution, Construction technology is crucial. All our projects have independent quality labs, well informed and knowledgeable professionals who regularly supervise the quality of our projects. Our well-qualified and experienced workforce is proficient and has in depth knowledge about the fundamental requirements of the construction industry. Our technically sound staff, under the supervision of engineers, carry out the construction process. In tune with necessity, the company has so far invested in major construction machineries and equipments as follows which has facilitated speedy execution of our projects maintaining high quality.

    • Tower & Mobile Cranes
    • Batching Plant
    • Transit Mixers
    • Concrete Mixers
    • Quick-lock Scaffolding System
    • Various field and laboratory testing equipment’s such as cube compression test, non-destructive tests
    • Material Hoists
    • Builders and Goods-cum-Passenger Hoists
    • JCB
    • Scrapers
    • Soil Compactors
    • Concrete pumps
    • Compressors
    • Vibrators
    • Concrete Cutters
    • Bar Bending Machines
    • Bar Cutting Machines
    • Pumps
    • Welding Machines
    • Drilling Machines
    • Dumpers
    • Lathe
    • Generators

Additionally, sophisticated construction machinery is hired by the company from other sources according to the need of individual projects. The Company recognizes that augmentation of such resources is an ongoing process and accordingly keeps investments in infrastructure. Delivering our projects in shortest possible durations, low maintenance cost and environmental awareness is our primary goal.

CLC Manufacturing unit :
CLC, like conventional concrete ages well, increasing its strength drastically after pouring and steam curing. As long as CLC draws humidity from the atmosphere it will keep on increasing its compressive strength. Our projects get CLC blocks from self-owned plant instead of being brought from the market which ensures better quality. Well planned process chain ensures speedy production, thus not creating any shortage for the projects.

These blocks are manufactured in house so as to ensure the quality of the construction material and also helps to create an Environment friendly building. It saves depletion of the top-soil, while at the same time it actually uses fly-ash, an industrial waste, as one of its major constituents. The production process of CLC or its use does not release any harmful effluents to ground, water or air (unlike smoke of brick kilns and ruining of top soil in production of bricks). As there is maximum thermal insulation provided by these bricks, it prevents the overheating of the building and also reduces the power consumption of the cooling unit within the building. Fire rating of cellular concrete is far superior to that of brickwork or dense concrete.